Wednesday, 11 January 2012

20. Pose

I was in village Damanwada in Daman. I was taken to the Grampanchyat.
The office of Deamanwada Grampanchyat was undergoing some renovation work.
I saw a worker engrossed in his work.

I used the camera without flash as I did not want to disturb him.
However, when someone is watching you, you become conscious.
Next moment, he stopped working and gave me a pose.

I think that was a moment of rest in his otherwise hectic life full of hard work .


  1. Yes I too have problems with humans. They tend to become unnatural when facing a camera. You are very versatile in choosing your subjects.

  2. Thanks Deepak. Ah.. people like description on my photo-blog and they like photos on my word-blog :-)

  3. PNS sir, humans are sometimes same everywhere! Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Savita, hasayla yetay...dusra photo baghun :D


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