Friday, 20 April 2012

31. Lane Life

A visit to two villages in Karanl district was very interesting.
What caught my eye was lanes with well constructed roads, the houses  as if chatting with each other but still aloof.

The lanes appear to be empty and silent, however they are not so; they are full of life.

A child is watching a group of strangers (15 of us) with curiosity and fear.

And a mother returns from work.

The lanes have a full story to share with me.
Alas, I had some spare time to mingle with the people. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

30. Confluence

Like all Mega cities, new and old, modern and ancient live together in Delhi too.
The confluence of two distant ages is amazing to watch.
Though I was watching it constantly, last December when I was at Purana Qila in Delhi, I saw the sea of cars just from corner in Purana Qila. During that moment I realized that the city of cities has been holding these two eras in a nice way together.

The point was again emphasized when last Dunday I was at Feroz Shah Kotla.  From a 14th Century Jami Masjid, I could see flyovers and cars running smoothly.

It is not that the ancient and the modern has nothing to do with each other. They have learnt to co-exist peacefully.

The confluence apparently is peaceful, but who knows what price has been paid by people - in the past and in the present!!