Tuesday, 12 June 2012

36. Sweet Corn

I was traveling to Kolhapur yesterday evening.
"Madam, would you like to have Sweet Corn?" my colleague asked me.
I was not at all hungry. However, I like Sweet Corn.
So, I said yes.
On the road there were many people engaged in selling sweet corn.

We went to a vendor where there was no crowd - the crowds will increase when it rains - he told me later.

These corns are picked up and purchased by himself from nearby farmers. These are grown in the midst of sugarcane.

The fire burns from morning to evening - sometimes till late night.

During peak season he earns a profit of about Rs. 200/- per day.
He likes his work.

Because of the competition, customer get sweet corns at cheaper rates. Is it a win-win situation.

What does he do to earn his livelihood in 'non-corn' season - I asked.
He smiled but did not answer.
Maybe, as the corn season is ahead, he does not want to think about future - especially worrisome time!
He is right. I don't ask him anything more. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

35. Limits

The poverty estimates in the country are alarming.
Everybody agrees that there are more poor people than are officially acknowledged.

But there are people, and the number is large, who can spend much more than could be imagined by poor.
For example, look at the money people spend for breakfast.

And then what poor spend in purchasing, someone spends that amount for just washing and ironing the clothes.

Is this luxury necessary?
I know luxury has no limits.
The poverty too does not have limits.