Saturday, 10 March 2012

27. World Book Fair Delhi

The 20th World Book Fair happened in Delhi from 25th February to 4th March.
I visited on 1st March. The venue Pragati Maidan was just a walking distance from the place I had been that day. Last year I had visited another event there. So finding the venue was not at all troublesome.

I found this board little funny. 

If both children and school children will have to pay Rs. 10/ entrance fee, then what is the point in differentiating them?

There are eco-friendly and free vehicles available in Pragati Maidan.

Many people who get tired after walking in the fair use it getting dropped at the exit gate. However, there were some experienced ones who used it while coming in the campus itself.

There were hundreds of books stalls. Almost every Indian language had its books displayed along with many foreign languages. I found Jnanapeeth stall most attractive.

Because it displayed photographs of all award winners.

People enjoyed purchase of books.

I too purchased 15 books - so that I know what I am going to read in 2012. 


  1. Finding and buying Hindi books is so difficult. The last time I had bought lot of Hindi books was in the Delhi book fair, few years ago. I wish I could have been there!

  2. wow! look at the number of books.... awesome stuff.

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower ad a regular visitor now.

  3. Sunilbhai, I understand :-).

  4. Kajal, yes, thousands of books .. I would have liked to purchase all of those .. but then I don't have a big house to keep all those books!!

  5. Deepakbhai, you are here after a long time. Yes, it was wonderful experience. I also met Marathi speaking people from Pune .. but the story of Marathi Publishers was not good. Will write about it later.

  6. The entry fee with and without school ID card is ridiculous. It was a nice idea on the part of the organizers to display quite large photographs of award winners.

  7. PNS Sir, I never understand why nobody thinks about such ridiculous ideas in advance - I mean why can't they see the obvious joke?

    The display of award winner's photographs at Jnanapith bookstall was very inspiring indeed!

  8. Wow, you purchased 15 books!
    Got to know from newspaper report that response to book fair was lukewarm this year?

  9. पंधरा पुस्तके एकाच वेळी! मजा आहे बाबा एका मुलीची!!

    (The first photo is very hilarious :D)

  10. Preeti, well it was not an evening show at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus - not that crowded, but neither was it deserted. Since long, I have stopped reading newspapers, so don't know what that news would mean. I spoke with at least 10 stall managers, and they did not seem unhappy - except for few Regional Languages. For example Marathi stall managers complained of less sale and cost of transport of books etc. But Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu.. were crowded.

  11. Shreeraj, all these 15 are non-English books, so actually I am going to need more books.

    The first photo is hilarious indeed. I don't know why those who plan do not understand!!

  12. I always go to Chwari bazar to pick books. I don't know how I missed this book fair.

  13. Raindrop, I also almost missed this. One of my friends asked me what I purchased from the book fair, and then I realized that such an event was happening in the city :-)


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