Sunday, 16 October 2011

4. Sea at Daman

Last month has been bit crazy .. I mean differently crazy. I had opportunity to visit four coastal places - and all the shores have its special beauty.

Daman I am visiting for the first time. Being ignorant about geography, one afternoon after lunch I could just smell the sea (without knowing the existence of Sea). I am right. We are at a walking distance from the beach.

The sand is blackish ( I have been through red sand experience earlier week) and it seemed to be a fishing hub - to watch this I must come here early in the morning.

Are these some kind of shops?
What are the people doing there at 2.00 in the noon when the Sun is shining? 
Well, I do not know.
Had no time to go and speak to strangers.

And the board creates another image of the Sea - not an 'all time friend' - but one that could turn out to be dangerous without any warning. What are the causes? What is the history?

My questions remain questions.

What is different about this board is - local language is the priority language!

I wonder how do authorities convey this message to people who cannot read? 


  1. nice shots
    yes board should be in local language and English also.

  2. The board does have the image of cross over swimming icon, may be they can make it bigger and more prominent so that everyone gets a visual message.

  3. sm, thanks. Yes, in a multi-lingual country, we need to explain in many languages.

  4. Suniljee, yes, there is an image on the board. I really do not know how those who do not read interpret the images. I have varied experiences of interpretations of images and I wonder how it is conveyed to different people.

  5. In Shyam Bengal's film 'Antarnaad' (1991), Daman was shooted more beautifully..

  6. Have not watched the movie. But if I even watch it, I will be more connected :-)

  7. Definitely it is a fishing hub and about the people there, there are possibilities of their being there to booze. Nice photographs.

  8. Oh! I did not realize that boozing aspect!!

  9. I thought It would a blue color water but nothing like that.

  10. nice pictorial

    check out my touristy view of daman in 2007 at

  11. Abhi Bharati, maybe, I did not go near the waters and also it was 2.00 PM - so the water does not look blue. Next time I will try to go in the waters!

  12. Thanks Deepakbhai. Will see your snaps.


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