Friday, 14 November 2014

78. Mountain "C"

In the last week of October, I was traveling from Chimoio to Barue.
By the way, these cities are in Mozambique. 
On the way, to my left I could see an attractive mountain range.

As we moved on, we could have a better view.

My colleague, who is Mozambican,  asked couple of people name of this mountain.
They said, " Mount Chinhajange". However, I could not find any such name on internet.
The closest seems to be Chinanzembe. 
But as someone has said, what is he name?
I will call it Mountain "C".

Thursday, 2 October 2014

77. Black Drongo

Today I suddenly realized that I have not seen Black Drongo for a while.

So, visited this picture which was captured in Tripura.

May be, I need to be in a village to meet them again! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

76. Bridge

To travel in Sikkim in the month of August is such a joy. But at the same time, the rivers frightened me. Especially to watch Teesta and Rangeet, was a mixed feeling.

It was two years ago that I visited Sikkim and have fond memories of the days that I spent there. Here is a view of river Rangeet, in Sikkip block in  South Sikkim district. 

It is not easy to cross this river. 
But here comes the bridge.

A closure look.

And meeting these two kids was a joyful experience. 

With th the same photographs, you can have more details about the experience here:

Sunday, 24 August 2014


In Rajsthan, I have seen some wonderful palace like  buildings. Even in rural areas, the doors will attract you. The housing and the variety in it is a matter of a deep knowledge base.

But sometimes, I do remember the moment when I entered a house in one of the villages in Barmer district.

There was hardly anything in the house. The wall had so many holes that winter would be very severe in this room.

Was it an "add on" room for a family - I wanted to know.
No, it was not.
This was the only room that the family had.
I wonder whether they have Rs. 26/- per person that out esteemed Planning Commission of India feels sufficient for a family.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

74. Legal Information

Every time I visit Puducherry, I find it more crowded and more humid.
It is becoming more and more commercial and the peace is disappearing.
However, in the evening, with the breezy wind from the sea waves, it is more beautiful; and even crowded peaceful too.

The Promenade beach road is closed for vehicles from 6.00 in the evening to 7.30 in the morning. Yes, everyday!

This photograph is taken in the afternoon, but evening are crowded. Some people walking (exercise), some just facing the sea, children playing, people eating ... overall relaxed atmosphere.

I see thousands of people here in the evening.

While taking an afternoon walk, I came across this board and was surprised and glad.

Kudos to Puducherry Police for choosing the right spot and taking initiative in making people aware of the legal provisions. It also emphasises Women's Right  to move freely and comfortably.

Hope, all tourist spots have such "Legal Information" boards. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

73. Begging is her livelihood

There are certain memories which you can never forget.
They might not necessarily part of 'your' life - but in a way they become part of your life. 
More than two and half years ago, when I came out of Lucknow airport in Uttar Pradesh, I saw this woman sitting in the parking area of the airport.

I did not what to say.

Then I knew and even today I know that we need to take collective efforts so that old people in our land do hot have to choose begging as the source of their livelihood.

Can we do it? 
I know it is not easy. 
But I hope we do it! 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

72. Circuit House:2. Agartala


Gone are the days of those stinky, old, ghost-like circuit houses. Modern construction is replacing the old ones....

Here are images of Tripura State Guest House at Agartala. This is more like a palace.

A closer look. The treee is so beautiful .

It gives a kind of serence feeling. The lawn makes eyes calm.

If government decided to maintain, it can maintain its building very well.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

71. Force

I was in a small village in Tamil Nadu. 
We were on the hillock and while watching downwards, I saw this.

Who was guiding the direction? Whose will mattered? 
Who was really using force to pull the other?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

70. Food 4: Kharwas

I don't know what Kharwas is in English. I do not know whether it is consumed beyond the world that I know of. What I know is: I like it and it is rarely available. 

So the other day when my friend offered it to me, I was glad to have it served couple of times. 

It is made of Colostrum milk, (normal) milk and Jaggery

This is Colostrum Milk.

After mixing normal milk (now, don't ask me the details of measurements etc.!) and adding Jaggery cook this in Pressure Cooker. It looks like this:

Tempting, isn't it? 
Cut it into pieces for ease of consumption.

And I had no hesitation in having it;

Actually I lost the count of plates :-) 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

69. Gangtok Market

After a rather hectic day, my colleague wanted to me visit the Market.
I am not much into shopping and I don't like to be surrounded by crowds. 
When I explained my views, my colleague , a local official said, "Oh! But it is Gangtok Market!"

According to me, all markets are alike. However, I did not want her to feel bad and hence went with her. 

When I realized  the vehicles had 'no entry' in the market,  I felt good. 
The first impression was amazing.

To be able to walk freely in the market (for that matter on any road) was an experience in itself. 

Suddenly it started raining. Up came the umbrellas.

You can see how clean and how specious is the word within the market. It is also safe for women. 
If you get tired of walking, you can sit on these benches - take rest, talk, listen to music, consume food, just relax - whatever you want. 

I wish there were many more such markets in the country! 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

68. Birds: 1

The perspective of human beings is different from other species around us. 
For example, who would call a stream, mostly carrying drainage water beautiful? Who would say it is essential? 

But it is very essential for the birds. 
See Intermediate Egrets and Indian Pond Herons together here.

Their peaceful coexistence for the use of limited resources is a lesson to all of us.  

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


One has to visit Desert to find its beauty.
Yes, it is not easy, but it is beautiful.

Here are some images of desert in Barmer district, Rajsthan.

And how do people live here? What is their lifestyle? Housing? Roads? Transport? Agriculture?
Maybe, some other time. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

66. Photographers: in Action

It is hard to catch photographers in action. Generally they are the ones who are actively capturing action. 

I was arranging photo folders today and smiled at these photographs. 

Of course, these are not Professional Photographs. 
They are Civil Society members, participating in a session on "Capacity Building in Photography" - meaning "How better to take photographs!"

After the resource person gave an instruction, everybody tried to do something.

The intensity for learning was visible. 

This was in Delhi. Sometime in May 2012.

I too participated in that session. 
I don't know how much the learning reflects in my photographs! 

Yes, and I have captured some action of Professional Photographers as well, maybe some other time! 

Monday, 3 February 2014

65. Bullock Carts

When I was in Madhya Pradesh in August 2013, I visited many villages. 
It was not surprising to  come across Bullock- carts; I know they still are important aspect of village life and especially Farmer life. 

What amazed me was the variety.

This one was in Amalatha; a smaller one. 

Another one in the same village. This is little bigger and without any added color.  Both these are "parked" near the farms, away from the residential area.

However, the third one was seen in village Chhota Badada.

Do you observe differences? in size, in colur, in shape, in design?

A simple "utility" object - but how farmers make give personalities to bullock carts. 

Well, where are the bullocks?  
You will have to wait for them as they are resting  

Sunday, 12 January 2014

64. NFAI, Pune

The other day I went to  NFAI

And I realized that I was visiting after a long time and I had hardly visited the place in the morning.
There were very few people around. So, could walk with leisure.
It was nice to turn around and look at the entrance road.

The NFAI building was simple but beautiful.

I also saw this. This is an effort to sustain heritage – I mean a kind of effort.

It says that Barrister Mukund Jaykar was residing here during 1947 to 1956. 

This residence must be stunning in the good old days.

No wonder, people say that Pune has changed very much – as if the rest of the world has not changed.

But I understand their feelings after this morning walk.