Thursday, 1 December 2011

13. Urge

Last week I was in Bassi Pathana - a Block Headquarter in Punjab.

I was visiting one office and came across a very beautiful old building. I liked it very much - though I did not know anything about it - its past, its importance- nothing. I don't know anything about architecture and was visiting the place for the first time.

 There is fun in loving the unknown, loving something just for the sake of its existence out there.

While others were exchanging some ideas after the meeting, I sneaked away. I wanted to be with that building alone for few moments.

And at the left side what I saw amazed me more.

Human beings have the habit of making things complicated.
Nature has simple rules - be born, try to live, die when that moment comes.
No pain, no thoughts, no attachments, no dreams.

No past and no future - only the present.
But at the same time don't give up easily.
Show the urge to live... because life in any form and every form is precious. 


  1. Nicely said. Certain things just initiate thoughts in your mind.

  2. I always say it from train when I used to go to Kiratpur Sahib. You brought the beauty in such a soulful way.

  3. Ausdruklos, yes, certain things initiate different thoughts!

  4. Saru, lucky you .. to watch it so many times!

  5. Yes, I am nostalgic about such structures which have many tales to tell. The second one is really some thing unbelievable. Still the structure exists. I do not blame but believe that all our ancient temples/palaces etc. which collapsed were due to the holy banyan trees.

  6. Sir, I do not know how the tree and the building manage to co-exist! I guess once the building is neglected, trees nourish! But what might be the truth, one can only imagine .. and keep on imagining!


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