Saturday, 28 July 2012

39. Destiny

I was in Shivpuri district for work.
The local organizers had made certain arrangements for me.
In the evening one of them apologetically told me that there were certain difficulties in the planned accommodation and whether I was ready to stay at other guest house.
I had no problems.
We reached there in the night around 9.30.
Then I realized at a guest house which was built around a lake.
I woke up early next morning and found this.

I was in Madhav National Park. 

And in the park there is George Castle. 

Reading its history only shows that not only persons but even places have destiny!! 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

38. Queue

It was 1.30 in the afternoon. Summer is still around as Rain has decided to hide for some more time.
I am visiting one of the Government offices in Gumla (Jharkhand)

I ask, "What is the queue for?"
"It is for Dal-Bhaata", I get a quick response.
"Daal -Bhaata? What is it?" I ask.
Apparently it is scheme initiated by Chief Minister of Jharkhand in 2011.

Next day, I am in Latehar district.
Lunch time. I ask, "Can we eat at the Daala-Bhaata scheme?"
I am aware that the scheme is not meant for people like me. It is meant to help the poor and the malnourished.

However, I am told that "On Sunday, food is not served."

Many questions come to my mind.
1. What about food on Sunday?
2. What about dinner?
3. What about those who have limited mobility? Do they have to come all the way to the Government office?
4. Who comes to eat?
5. How were people managing before the scheme came?
6. Do such schemes REALLY help people? (I do not doubt intention of the Government, but still )
7. ......
8. ......

There are many questions in the queue. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

37. At Wagah Border

Two days ago, in the evening, I was at Wagah Border. 
To watch the Ceremony, of course.
Army personnel was friendly with people. Women and men were segregated, which I think is a wise decision taking into consideration our social behavior. 

There are two Gates - India Gate and Pakistan Gate.
At India Gate, it is clear that an approach of Non-Violence too needs protection.

People gather in large number to observe the ceremony and there is a kind of patriotic fervor - which to some extent is spontaneous and to some extent managed or facilitated.

The ceremony is brief.

At the end of the ceremony, people moved to this gate to watch people from Pakistan.
One father was telling his daughter, "Look, those are Pakistani people."
I smiled and said, "they are just like us ..."
And the father, a Sikh, said sadly, "Yes, unfortunately we have been divided and we have to live with this fact."

I wonder how many of us  at Wagah border had this feeling that evening!