Tuesday, 22 November 2011

11. Limited Space

Mumbai means crowds.
People everywhere.
Coming form all directions.
Rushing to all directions.

I was at Bandra Terminus after a long time. This is not the best of the Railway stations, so I never look forward to visiting it. But whenever I have opportunity, I become nostalgic.

And what do I see? Even at 6.00 in the morning?
Platforms full of heavy items. Making crowds more alarming than they sometimes actually are.

Maybe I was there at the wrong end.
Or wrong time.
Or wrong place.
Or all of that.

Whatever it was, it certainly did not make me smile.
We are not only over-populated, we are over-materialized.
Our space is getting squeezed every day - nay, every moment.

What happens to us when we have limited space?
To our body? To our mind? To our spirit?
That too becomes small; that too becomes limited;  I guess. 


  1. y just vote .. y not comment as well...

    i agree .. we people are so very unbalanced in life that we create excess of anything and everything...


  2. Wonderful capture. Is this a Mumbai thing ? Happens on the footpaths too. We are so good at using things for purposes other than for which they were meant.

  3. nice metaphoric representaion of space, this is the exact scene i used to see at dadar station every evening after i was coming home from classes and i would stand on the last platform where they loaded luggage :)

  4. Rahul, I understand your complain. If I don't feel like commenting, I don't. However, I assure you that I read all the posts and I vote for it only if I really like the post. That in a way is a compliment..

  5. Deepakbhai, unfortunately it is.. the expansion aspect of universe seems to be over!

  6. Surangatai, I think it originated in Mumbai, but it now everywhere...

  7. Joel, Dadar crowd still scares me - after these many years! I am not sure which one is more scary - luggage or human beings when they come in bulk!

  8. Pratima, Sorry, I don't get what you want to say. Could you please, elaborate so that I can understand?

  9. Aren't we all responsible to some extent for this situation? The speed of life has not only squeezed the places but our minds too.

  10. Vinayak Rao, yes, we are responsible for this situation to a great extent of course!


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