Sunday, 6 November 2011

7. T 3

"During your one year stay in Delhi, which place (spot) have you visited most?" one of my friends asked.

Well, home was the place I visited most and then office - but I know this was not he was asking.

Then suddenly I remembered: T 3

Well, I know, this was also not the right answer.
However during last one year, I have been a frequent visitor to T 3 - and what is important is I like to be at T 3.

It is beautiful. Is it clean. It is well maintained. It has good services. It is specious. It is comfortable.

It is artistic too!! Though I confess I do not understand and do not appreciate the art they exhibit there.

There are many shops. But I hardly see people purchasing anything except for food items. The obvious reason is: the cost. Even a cup of coffee costs more than one hundred rupees. I do not know how the cost of the product is calculated here!!

There are two runways. Still the following scene is indeed very frequent. On that evening, our captain announced that the earlier captain had noticed some pieces of tire on the runway and it was being cleaned. So, this queue!!

Overall T 3 is an experience worth having!!


  1. do they allow cameras :-? I loved delhi airport when I visited last time...absolute proud feeling :D

  2. Deepakbhai, I am sure you would capture it in much better way!

  3. Chintan, yes, they allow cameras at Delhi airport. There is no such sign, but many people click and no official has ever objected. I doubt whether they would 'allow' camera on runway - but I just clicked it from aircraft window (which was first in the queue) - and nobody objected ...

  4. Very interesting. I never had the opportunity of visiting T3. I only vaguely remember a dirty Air Port where I landed from Mumbai. However people do tell about the luxurious constructions there.

  5. Well, Sir, I invite you to Delhi to experience T3 :-)

  6. Yes I agree, T3 is beautiful and thoughtfully constructed, may be anticipating the need for 15-20 years.
    Spending time at T3 is not at all a problem.

  7. And flight delays give us lot of time to spend in T3 :-)


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