Sunday, 27 November 2011

12. I Wish ...

They seem to be very creative.

They manage to achieve their goals even when the situation is not conducive, even when the resources are scarce.

They seem to have some rare skills.

They seem to have strong will power.

They seem to have a mind which can see things differently.

They seem to have attitude for change.

Their number seems to be amazingly large. The fraternity seems to have a ‘code of conduct’ – if that can be called a code! But they seem to follow the same rules.

I meet them everywhere.

The more famous the spot, the more dominant presence they have.

I met them in September at the site map of Golkonda fort.

In the same month I met them in the passage that takes tourists from jetty to Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari.

Earlier, in the month of May, I had seen that even a 200 year veteran tree was not spared in Lalbag at Bangalore.

I wish:  they use all their skills, dreams, goals, paths, attitudes for making things better. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

11. Limited Space

Mumbai means crowds.
People everywhere.
Coming form all directions.
Rushing to all directions.

I was at Bandra Terminus after a long time. This is not the best of the Railway stations, so I never look forward to visiting it. But whenever I have opportunity, I become nostalgic.

And what do I see? Even at 6.00 in the morning?
Platforms full of heavy items. Making crowds more alarming than they sometimes actually are.

Maybe I was there at the wrong end.
Or wrong time.
Or wrong place.
Or all of that.

Whatever it was, it certainly did not make me smile.
We are not only over-populated, we are over-materialized.
Our space is getting squeezed every day - nay, every moment.

What happens to us when we have limited space?
To our body? To our mind? To our spirit?
That too becomes small; that too becomes limited;  I guess. 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

10. Fog

I wanted to start early at 6.30 from Almora.
The driver politely asked me to start little later.
It was early November, so I did not expect fog.
Moreover I like fog so I was looking forward to have it.

Still I accepted his request as I knew driving would be difficult for him.
By the time we started, it was already 8.00 am.
And I met the fog.
From all sides.

It accompanied us for a long time. I was happy with its presence, but was bit worried for the driver.

And the driver said it was not much trouble for him.

So, I relaxed and enjoyed: the loss of direction, the forgotten sense of traveling, the feeling of being lost in the midst of unknown country, the consciousness of being alone..
And still being happy ....

That is how I like it. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

9. Security Check

I know during security check at the airport, we are asked to throw away water bottles.
However, I badly needed water today. Once the flight is delayed, you never know how late it would be.
So, I pulled out the bottle, put it in the tray to pass through the X ray machine - or whatever that machine is.

One security officer objected to water bottle. I explained. Other security officer seemed to be convinced by my argument. However, they made me drink the water in front of them so that only the 'permissible' volume of water was inside the bottle.

I respect security officials and their sense of duty. I generally follow the rules, never argue with them.

For safety and security reasons, I won't name the city ... if you have visited, you will know!

Only few hours earlier the same morning, I had captured the airstrip from a coffee shop.

This still seems to be okay.
Have a look at the second snap.

I don't have to elaborate.
Isn't it scary?
Do those who must know this, know?
If yes, what actions are they taking?
Along with throwing water bottles - don't we need broader 'security check?'

Friday, 11 November 2011

8. Sugarcane Juice

I was waiting for the bus on the road in Hyderabad.

Even though it was September, the heat and humidity were making their presence felt.
The road was crowded.
And I saw him.

The stall was clean and well arranged. He was using paper glasses and there was a garbage bin to throw those.

Initially he was engrossed in serving the customers. Slowly the crowd disappeared.
He realized that I was taking his photograph.
A minute of leisure for him - because the next moment another customer arrived on the scene.

I wanted to ask many questions about his occupation.
Maybe, next time. 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

7. T 3

"During your one year stay in Delhi, which place (spot) have you visited most?" one of my friends asked.

Well, home was the place I visited most and then office - but I know this was not he was asking.

Then suddenly I remembered: T 3

Well, I know, this was also not the right answer.
However during last one year, I have been a frequent visitor to T 3 - and what is important is I like to be at T 3.

It is beautiful. Is it clean. It is well maintained. It has good services. It is specious. It is comfortable.

It is artistic too!! Though I confess I do not understand and do not appreciate the art they exhibit there.

There are many shops. But I hardly see people purchasing anything except for food items. The obvious reason is: the cost. Even a cup of coffee costs more than one hundred rupees. I do not know how the cost of the product is calculated here!!

There are two runways. Still the following scene is indeed very frequent. On that evening, our captain announced that the earlier captain had noticed some pieces of tire on the runway and it was being cleaned. So, this queue!!

Overall T 3 is an experience worth having!!