Thursday, 17 November 2011

10. Fog

I wanted to start early at 6.30 from Almora.
The driver politely asked me to start little later.
It was early November, so I did not expect fog.
Moreover I like fog so I was looking forward to have it.

Still I accepted his request as I knew driving would be difficult for him.
By the time we started, it was already 8.00 am.
And I met the fog.
From all sides.

It accompanied us for a long time. I was happy with its presence, but was bit worried for the driver.

And the driver said it was not much trouble for him.

So, I relaxed and enjoyed: the loss of direction, the forgotten sense of traveling, the feeling of being lost in the midst of unknown country, the consciousness of being alone..
And still being happy ....

That is how I like it. 


  1. Preeti, yes it was very beautiful!

  2. Fog is lovely in images. Even walking in fog is very nice. But fog while driving, it makes me so anxious. And fog that can delay my flight is even worse :)

  3. Fog delaying flights ... mine was cancelled!! But still love fog!

  4. Fog makes you gooey and romantic as long as its not you who's traveling. Hate delayed flights!

  5. Purba, everybody hates delayed flights .. but I am sure not everybody hates fog .. though fog delays flights!

    I am feeling like making a very reasonable, scientific statement :-)


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