Friday, 14 September 2012

42. Night

I was in a small village in Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh.
We were sitting comfortably in an open space in front of a small house and chatting with the household members.
I saw him then.

"What is his age?" I asked.
"Hmm.. he is already in the night of his life," someone explained to me.

What a term!
Night of life!
And how true!! 


  1. A picture that can launch 1000 stories!

  2. It all depends upon what kind of life you lead and who you are.

    I have seen wizened persons looking so old and it is a surprize to find that their actual age is much closer to me. It makes me feel guilty!

  3. Deepakbhai, true.. it can launch 1000 stories!!

  4. Sunilbhai, I agree with you. Some people due to the hardships in life tend to grow old faster!

  5. PNS Sir, old age is not a problem in itself, the neglect is a problem!!

  6. Misery is written all over his face. Is it physical torment or mental? God help him!

  7. Hmm .. Jayashreejee, it is hard forget such moments!! I think it is more of an impact of poor quality of life.


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