Sunday, 23 September 2012

43. Tea Stall

We were traveling from Amaravati to Nagpur. On the way we visited a small village.
One of the homes in the village offered us a cup of tea. However, we were running out of time, so declined the offer politely.
Then on the way the driver(s) of the car wanted to have a cup of tea.
So, we stopped at a roadside tea stall.

The tea was kept hot by using indirect heat.

And I like to have my tea in glass rather than in a cup.

Of course, the tea was good.
We moved forward feeling refreshed.
And I kept on thinking about the 'economics' of such tea stalls! 


  1. such T stalls mint money, one in the IT park close to my office hs put Barista out of business...

  2. Two things. One is these stalls offer tea the cost of which is affordable. Second, they know the taste of local people very well. Let them live long as they cater the needs of many households :-)

  3. Somehow the home-made tea can never match these ones in taste....

  4. Jayshreejee, well, that is the best one, no doubt about it!!

  5. Tea stalls along high ways are the lifelines of travelers..A good one, Savita:)


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