Monday, 15 October 2012

45. Umiam

On the way to Shillong from Guwahati is a scenic water body.
What is it - I ask as usual.
"It is Umiam Lake." comes the answer.

Umiam Lake View 1 Shillong, August 2011
It is so peaceful - to watch it is a god's gift indeed.

Umiam Lake View 2, Shillong, August 2011

I keep on watching it every day. Why is it called Umiam Lake? 
Because, it is the product of a dam built on River Umiam. The dam construction started in 1965 to create first Hydel Power plant in the North East. 

Later I am told that the term Umiam in Khasi language means "Crying River". 
Someone explains that it is not actually 'Crying River' but 'Flood of Tears". 
Why the beautiful waters has such a name?
Because the river used to flood regularly and take many lives each year. 
So, the name is indeed very relevant. 

Umilam Lake View 3, Shillong, August 2011

Is the river still crying because an obstruction is created in her way?
Or because the way human beings are using her? 
Or because she has become an object of consumerism? 


  1. Umiam! Probably it made other's weep and that is why it got contained. But weeping continues nevertheless. Strange. The lake and its photographs are amazing.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking pics, Savita!
    Nice write on the name, meaning, history and reflections on how does it feel today! Loved it:)

  3. Thanks PNS Sir. Yes Umiam used to flood and take lives - thus making others weep. However, she seems to be not bothered about her present situation as well.

  4. Thanks Amit. If you ever get an opportunity to visit Shillong, don't miss this spot. I am sure you will capture the lake in a far better manner!

  5. Saru, glad that you too enjoyed it!

  6. It's amazing.....

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    Thanks & Regards

  7. Beautiful pictures :)


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