Friday, 9 November 2012

46. Golden Temple

When I had an opportunity to visit Amritsar, I booked return ticket in such a way to spend some time at the  Golden Temple. 

And it was an amazing experience. The vast space was enchanting.

The crowd was well behaved. Devotional songs were adding a great value in the environment.

The view of Akal Takht reminded of the pain and the wounds associated with this place.

Credit must be given to all those who are involved in restoring the peace and sanctity of the place.

Golden Temple is amazing in many ways.
It was an experience, I would remember for a long time.

A place, one must visit.
A treasure, one must experience.

I am planning to go and stay there for a few days.
I don't know when that would be though! 


  1. :-) sounds very interesting... baghuya amhala kadhi jamtay

  2. Truly an amazing place! Last year I went to Punjab, but couldn't make it:-(

  3. I have been there during my engineering days...We went early in the morning and it was a lovely experience....Tranquil and beautiful...almost mesmerizing!

  4. Shreeraj, you should plan once.

  5. Jaishrijee, mesmerizing - that is the appropriate expression for the experience!!

  6. Preeti, there is always 'Next Time' :-) I also could make it only during my third visit!! Had to miss it in the first two visits.

  7. The Golden Temple is always always an enchanting story to every person who steps into the premise....
    If a religious place has any special vibrations... this place difinitely does!
    One could be a compelte atheist and yet feel the bliss this place offers!


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