Thursday, 29 December 2011

18. Rest

I was traveling from Nagpur to Amaravati.
On the way, saw this.

It was so peaceful and still .. for a moment, I thought  Time has stopped running. Looked more like  a painting than real.

A well deserved rest indeed!
What would be they thinking about? 

Friday, 23 December 2011

17. Bull Temple

I had half a day with me in Bangalore.
One friend advised me to visit Bull Temple. 
The view at the entrance was beautiful.

It was more visible when I actually approached the entrance door at the temple.

Very refreshing.
And the Bull idol is huge.

Well, if God is everywhere, no harm in worshiping IT in the form of a bull.
Outside the temple, the pillar carvings are great.

Overall, it was a very peaceful experience.

Friday, 16 December 2011

16. Subsidy for Mule?

Natadol is a …
Well, by habit I was going to write it is a small village.

But in the hilly area of Almora district in Uttarakhand, a village with 239 households is certainly not a small village.

The road from Almora had many turns and enchanting view. The road seemed good until we approached Natadol, then it changed dramatically.

It is easily about five to six kilometers. The dust makes walking difficult when it rains. On the way, I saw many Apple orchards – so , transport is absolute necessity of this village.

But nothing seems to have been done.

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) – a prestigious scheme of Government of India – website mentions Natadol as a ‘Location with no approved Work’ – with many more villages. (Go to, select Uttaranchal (is it the right name of the state?), select Almora district, select Lamgara block, in Alerts, click Locations with no approved work.)

I see a man with a Mule. Mule is the common means of transport.

Interestingly, the man has given a name to this Mule. It is Hira – beautiful, isn’t it? I mean the human touch to the relationship was a good aspect to know.
How much a good Mule costs? As much as Rs. 40000/-
No exaggeration.

In remote areas like Almora; Nano is not required, Mule is; Nano is not useful, Mule is!
The government  subsidizes Tata Nano – would it not be a good idea to subsidize cows, bullocks, horses, mules, donkeys too?
Why not? 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

15.Unknown Artists

While roaming in Tripura (mostly around Agartala), I came across beautiful expressions of artists.
For example, while entering one temple where many Gods are worshiped together, (forgot the name of the place), I came across this.

The Kamala Sundari Temple at Kashba, also shows a beautiful wall painting. What story the artist is trying to tell, I do not know.

And another one. This could be named a Rock Art. Again, I do not know the story, nobody with me knows. 

These artists must not be from past, they might be somewhere around.
But they remain unknown. 
To me, To many. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

14. Contrast

Visit to Kanyakumari Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a five minutes ‘sea journey’. After spending about half an hour in the queue (if you are not so lucky, you spend more time in the queue)  tourists get ride in a  good looking boat; with roof protecting people  from Sun and rain,; with proper sitting arrangements, people helping getting in and out of the boat.

Tourists pay for and get amenities and facilities. Right.

The ‘life jackets’ seems to be a recent addition – though looking at the conditions of life jackets one can understand that it is  not very recent and it is only a ‘tick mark’ activity. Most of the life jackets are in such a condition that they would not save any life when situation demands.

On the other hand, there are so many people out there in the open sea – without any safety measures, without any security assurance, without any protection, without place to sit comfortably and of course they don’t have life jackets – which they actually require.

Luxury is taken care of; livelihood is not.
Life around shows so many such contrasts.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

13. Urge

Last week I was in Bassi Pathana - a Block Headquarter in Punjab.

I was visiting one office and came across a very beautiful old building. I liked it very much - though I did not know anything about it - its past, its importance- nothing. I don't know anything about architecture and was visiting the place for the first time.

 There is fun in loving the unknown, loving something just for the sake of its existence out there.

While others were exchanging some ideas after the meeting, I sneaked away. I wanted to be with that building alone for few moments.

And at the left side what I saw amazed me more.

Human beings have the habit of making things complicated.
Nature has simple rules - be born, try to live, die when that moment comes.
No pain, no thoughts, no attachments, no dreams.

No past and no future - only the present.
But at the same time don't give up easily.
Show the urge to live... because life in any form and every form is precious.