Tuesday, 21 August 2012

41. Bramhputra

When I was visiting Guwahati, how could I not visit Brahmputra?
I  have fond memories of this river.
The first glance was from the sky .. say from 10000 feet (or was it 20000 feet?)
It was frightening.

It must have affected lives of so many people. I could  do nothing else but just imagine their peril.

On the way to Kamakhya Temple, when I visited Brahmpurta, I was touched by its calmness. The evening was yet to approach but the atmosphere was peaceful. Some people were crossing the river. They must be doing it regularly - for them it is an everyday journey.

The river might be taking life once in a while, but it also provides livelihood to many.
On the banks, this woman is running some kind of shop.
River to her is life.

Brahmputra continues to flow.
As always. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

40. Shadow

Shadow is an inherent  part of our life.
We get so used to shadows that we forget that they have their individual personalities.

This one is observed in Karekal district in Pondicherry.

And the other is in the small desert in Badmer district of Rajsthan.

They are similar and yet distinct.
They have different stories to offer - if we care to listen.