Monday, 13 August 2012

40. Shadow

Shadow is an inherent  part of our life.
We get so used to shadows that we forget that they have their individual personalities.

This one is observed in Karekal district in Pondicherry.

And the other is in the small desert in Badmer district of Rajsthan.

They are similar and yet distinct.
They have different stories to offer - if we care to listen. 


  1. Thanks Deepakbhai and Jaishreejee.

  2. I see many dimensions in these photographs: one knows value of shade in tropical desert; the jewel of oasis; desertification by the civilised societies through their five thousand years of history... and how the plants survive by drawing moisture from AIR: this litany is endless!

  3. Absolutely marvelous. I agree with you.

  4. Remijee, the photographs open more meaning(s) the more you think of them.

  5. Your thought about shadows is nice. You can build upon that thought and choose a series of images which show interesting shadows.

  6. Sabyasachi Patra, this is a good idea. I will certainly try to put more pictures of shadows.


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