Saturday, 28 July 2012

39. Destiny

I was in Shivpuri district for work.
The local organizers had made certain arrangements for me.
In the evening one of them apologetically told me that there were certain difficulties in the planned accommodation and whether I was ready to stay at other guest house.
I had no problems.
We reached there in the night around 9.30.
Then I realized at a guest house which was built around a lake.
I woke up early next morning and found this.

I was in Madhav National Park. 

And in the park there is George Castle. 

Reading its history only shows that not only persons but even places have destiny!! 


  1. Though I am living at Bhopal (now camping at Chennai)I never had an opportunity of visiting Shivpuri. Nice that you made me knowledgeable.
    The George castle must be providing a wonderful sight of the lake. Unfortunately all such lakes are becoming polluted due to discharge of sewage into them.

  2. Sir, you should visit the place once. You will certainly enjoy the calm and peace. There are also many birds. As drinking water is supplied from this lake, sewage is not mixed in it - that is what I am told. Reality might be different I guess.

  3. Water Pollution is a huge problem in our country which needs to be addressed with more seriousness!

  4. Thanks jaish_vats. I do agree with you on availability of safe drinking water.

  5. Georges Castle looks SO good! It looks like some Scottish castle, cant belive you have tagged MP :)


  6. Kappu, the Castle is indeed beautiful and it is REALLY in Madhya Pradesh. If you open the links in the post, you will get the information about it.


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