Sunday, 8 July 2012

37. At Wagah Border

Two days ago, in the evening, I was at Wagah Border. 
To watch the Ceremony, of course.
Army personnel was friendly with people. Women and men were segregated, which I think is a wise decision taking into consideration our social behavior. 

There are two Gates - India Gate and Pakistan Gate.
At India Gate, it is clear that an approach of Non-Violence too needs protection.

People gather in large number to observe the ceremony and there is a kind of patriotic fervor - which to some extent is spontaneous and to some extent managed or facilitated.

The ceremony is brief.

At the end of the ceremony, people moved to this gate to watch people from Pakistan.
One father was telling his daughter, "Look, those are Pakistani people."
I smiled and said, "they are just like us ..."
And the father, a Sikh, said sadly, "Yes, unfortunately we have been divided and we have to live with this fact."

I wonder how many of us  at Wagah border had this feeling that evening! 


  1. All of had similar feelings. Well written.

  2. Thanks PNS Sir and Deepakbhai.

  3. Indo-Pak border is indeed a wound that never completely heals....At Wagah one can feel its depth.
    Though I like Amritsar very much... very devoted yet funny, lively and most importantly, very very "punjabi"!

  4. Anjjna, you are right, This wound may never completely heal. Unfortunately I did not have much time to explore Amritsar; would like to be there again!!

  5. Thanks and Welcome jaish_vats.


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