Thursday, 29 March 2012

29. Media Madness

One of the salient features of 'India Against Corruption' movement is Media Coverage.  It seems that media is paying more attention to the cause of Anti- Corruption. 

At Jantar Mantar (Delhi), IAC conducted one day symbolic fast in which thousands joined.

The cameras looming over head were monstrous indeed. 

And just outside Jantar Mantar, the OB Vans and the spread of cables made things looks more mechanical than full of life.

Why is Media so much interested in this event? I don't know. I mean it is good, but there are thousands of people doing good work in the country and Media never takes notice of them.

Why now? 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

28. Shelter

Like every other city, Delhi too has multiple faces. 
On one side, you see huge malls, luxury cars, clean roads - a sign of affluence.
In the same city, you have open drainage, potholes, people living on the road,.. 

Tilak Bridge is one of the Railway Stations in Delhi. It is near to New Delhi Railway station and is surrounded by RICH Delhi.

A glance at this station clearly shows that rich people are not using this mode of transport. 

At 10.00 in the morning I see the following.

According to Census 2001,  there are 1,943,476 houseless people in India. I am sure, there are many more.  I am still searching for Census 2011 figures.

At least Railway stations can work as Shelter for few!
Or does it for MANY?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

27. World Book Fair Delhi

The 20th World Book Fair happened in Delhi from 25th February to 4th March.
I visited on 1st March. The venue Pragati Maidan was just a walking distance from the place I had been that day. Last year I had visited another event there. So finding the venue was not at all troublesome.

I found this board little funny. 

If both children and school children will have to pay Rs. 10/ entrance fee, then what is the point in differentiating them?

There are eco-friendly and free vehicles available in Pragati Maidan.

Many people who get tired after walking in the fair use it getting dropped at the exit gate. However, there were some experienced ones who used it while coming in the campus itself.

There were hundreds of books stalls. Almost every Indian language had its books displayed along with many foreign languages. I found Jnanapeeth stall most attractive.

Because it displayed photographs of all award winners.

People enjoyed purchase of books.

I too purchased 15 books - so that I know what I am going to read in 2012. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

26. Protest

I entered in Rohatak that morning and found many buses with banners inviting people to join in protests against 134 A.

What is this 143 A about? - I asked but people around me did not know.
I was in the Rohatak Mini Secretariat for work and suddenly heard loud slogans.
The protesters had come there to submit their petition.

It was a large gathering. The moment I clicked, people around me turned and asked from which channel I was. They thought that I was a journalist. I answered and again asked the purpose of the protests.

My informer told me that Government has asked all the private schools to keep 25% of seats in the schools reserved for students coming from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. The teachers and non-educational staff was against this order. Why? Nobody around me knew.

The police force was standing quietly - the protest apparently was peaceful.