Sunday, 4 March 2012

26. Protest

I entered in Rohatak that morning and found many buses with banners inviting people to join in protests against 134 A.

What is this 143 A about? - I asked but people around me did not know.
I was in the Rohatak Mini Secretariat for work and suddenly heard loud slogans.
The protesters had come there to submit their petition.

It was a large gathering. The moment I clicked, people around me turned and asked from which channel I was. They thought that I was a journalist. I answered and again asked the purpose of the protests.

My informer told me that Government has asked all the private schools to keep 25% of seats in the schools reserved for students coming from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. The teachers and non-educational staff was against this order. Why? Nobody around me knew.

The police force was standing quietly - the protest apparently was peaceful.


  1. Very beautiful captures. However I am not able to get reconciled to the protests.

  2. LOL !
    it should not be funny.. but its funny, people fighting for a cause that they don't know !
    Long live such protest

  3. Is it still cold? I see many persons wearing sweaters!

  4. PNS Sir, but peaceful protests are fine. Otherwise how will people convey government their unhappiness about some decision?

  5. D, sorry for the misunderstanding. The man whom I asked did not know for sure, but I don't know whether he was just watching or he was participating in the protest. So, benefit of doubt must be given.

  6. It was rather chilly that day - 23rd February it was.

  7. -Good piece of information.


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