Sunday, 29 January 2012

22. D For..

D would have different meanings here.
One is:  Distant View

Another could be: Different View.

Third could be: Distinct View

But in all these cases, D is Definite.
D actually stands for Dehra Dun.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

21. Door and Without

While roaming through villages in Rajsthan, one cannot wonder at the artistic expressions around.

And there was another one.

On the way saw many more.

Each of these doors would take us to different world, different stories, different dreams and different pains.

And thinking this I remembered this house which I had visited in Dadara Nagar Haveli a few months ago.

A house without door? Apparently, yes! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

20. Pose

I was in village Damanwada in Daman. I was taken to the Grampanchyat.
The office of Deamanwada Grampanchyat was undergoing some renovation work.
I saw a worker engrossed in his work.

I used the camera without flash as I did not want to disturb him.
However, when someone is watching you, you become conscious.
Next moment, he stopped working and gave me a pose.

I think that was a moment of rest in his otherwise hectic life full of hard work .

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

19. Balance

On the way from Sirsa to Hisar, we take a halt.
A boy is engrossed in studies . He is not disturbed by the traffic on the highway.

It is another matter, that he is just copying the answer from the book - rather from the 'Guide' as he immediately corrects me. He is studying in sixth class.
Not his fault, his teacher expects him to copy from the guide  - that is study!!

Another boy is managing the guava stall.

He is the elder brother. He too goes to school. He is in seventh class. The boys go to school by bus.
On my question the boy assures me that he is good in mathematics, so no customers can cheat him.

What about his study?
Well, they take turns to manage the counter and complete the homework.

That is Work - Life Balance - isn't it?