Tuesday, 3 January 2012

19. Balance

On the way from Sirsa to Hisar, we take a halt.
A boy is engrossed in studies . He is not disturbed by the traffic on the highway.

It is another matter, that he is just copying the answer from the book - rather from the 'Guide' as he immediately corrects me. He is studying in sixth class.
Not his fault, his teacher expects him to copy from the guide  - that is study!!

Another boy is managing the guava stall.

He is the elder brother. He too goes to school. He is in seventh class. The boys go to school by bus.
On my question the boy assures me that he is good in mathematics, so no customers can cheat him.

What about his study?
Well, they take turns to manage the counter and complete the homework.

That is Work - Life Balance - isn't it? 


  1. Good capture. The boy seems to like studying.

  2. Good observation. Yes its is a balancing act.

  3. good shots
    its good they learned the lesson of life at very early stage.

  4. PNS Sir, thanks a lot for your encouraging words.

  5. Deepakbhai, the boys truly deserve your appreciation.

  6. SM, I guess they do not have the luxury of any other option :-)

  7. “Balance is beautiful.”
    - Miyoko Ohno :)


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