Thursday, 19 January 2012

21. Door and Without

While roaming through villages in Rajsthan, one cannot wonder at the artistic expressions around.

And there was another one.

On the way saw many more.

Each of these doors would take us to different world, different stories, different dreams and different pains.

And thinking this I remembered this house which I had visited in Dadara Nagar Haveli a few months ago.

A house without door? Apparently, yes! 


  1. The doors are artistically carved. The door jamb also has plenty of art. I was remembering a place "Shanishingnapur" near Shirdi where many people do not have doors and the ones who have, do not lock them.

  2. PNS Sir, yes, I too have seen those 'unlocked' doors.

  3. Yes, that is such an artistic expression through wood; Joshi


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