Saturday, 25 February 2012

25. Being in the Midst

I was in a small village in Karnataka. Suddenly there was lot of music and many (loud) voices outside. We came out of the office.

It was some religious festival. Someone explained it to me, but now I have forgotten the whole thing .. except those colors and those smiling faces.

Sometimes in life, the joy is in 'being in the midst' ... does not matter that you have turned your back to God!  


  1. Quite a colorful procession. I could not make out. You can not possibly turn your back to something which is within you.

  2. PNS Sir, that is exactly what I want to say. When God is within us and everywhere, how we can label people as atheist or something? Only innocents don't bother about such concepts .. as we grow, we try to fit ourselves in stereotypes!!

  3. lovely colorful pictures.


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