Monday, 13 February 2012

24. Sheikh Chaheli

For  me Sheikh Chilli was an imaginary character. He appeared in various stories as a foolish and naive man.

So, when I came across tomb of Sheikh Chaheli in Krurukshetra, I was surprised.

So much of new information. It shows how history distorts and misrepresents sometime.

The tomb is beautiful is lovely.

It gave me a sense of awakening, sense of reality check.


  1. Really I wonder if he was the "Shekh Chilli" we have grown with. Wonderful disclosure. Thanks for the info.

  2. PNS Sir, you should visit Kurukshetra to 'experience' the beauty of the tomb.

  3. Deepakbhai, when you planning visit to Panipat-Kurukshetra? Then I will have much better snaps :-)

  4. thanks for sharing
    first time saw the tomb pic

  5. sm, the place is worth visiting!


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