Wednesday, 18 June 2014

74. Legal Information

Every time I visit Puducherry, I find it more crowded and more humid.
It is becoming more and more commercial and the peace is disappearing.
However, in the evening, with the breezy wind from the sea waves, it is more beautiful; and even crowded peaceful too.

The Promenade beach road is closed for vehicles from 6.00 in the evening to 7.30 in the morning. Yes, everyday!

This photograph is taken in the afternoon, but evening are crowded. Some people walking (exercise), some just facing the sea, children playing, people eating ... overall relaxed atmosphere.

I see thousands of people here in the evening.

While taking an afternoon walk, I came across this board and was surprised and glad.

Kudos to Puducherry Police for choosing the right spot and taking initiative in making people aware of the legal provisions. It also emphasises Women's Right  to move freely and comfortably.

Hope, all tourist spots have such "Legal Information" boards.