Friday, 20 April 2012

31. Lane Life

A visit to two villages in Karanl district was very interesting.
What caught my eye was lanes with well constructed roads, the houses  as if chatting with each other but still aloof.

The lanes appear to be empty and silent, however they are not so; they are full of life.

A child is watching a group of strangers (15 of us) with curiosity and fear.

And a mother returns from work.

The lanes have a full story to share with me.
Alas, I had some spare time to mingle with the people. 


  1. The pavements suggests that it is a very prosperous village.

  2. You are absolutely right, Sir. This is a prosperous village.

  3. Very unusual to have pavements in an Indian village. Just goes to prove we are on the path of development.

  4. Ramakantjee, the open drainage tells another aspect of the development story though !!

  5. I would say the plan including for drains speaks of things on the mend. The next step would be covered ones :)

    Development in our country will never be as easy as in the western world. We have too many complications, starting with a well established network of towns, cities and villages where we are now trying to introduce better infrastructure and get some semblance of planning. Our today's planners didn't get a clean slate to start. Instead, they need to retain the existing (almost all of which is unplanned or poorly planned) and still get the most optimal solution to provide infrastructure to meet tomorrow's need. A truly Herculean task.

  6. Ramakantjee, I completely agree with you. We need to see 'what has happened well' and not focus only on 'what has not happened.' Thanks for reminding me to be positive :-) And yes, India being a complicated society (that is her strength), development is not an easy task.

  7. Lovely post. Liked the village getting attention.

  8. Vetrimangal, it was a very attractive village. So village like and yet so different :-)


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