Wednesday, 23 May 2012

34. Roots Intact

"What takes us away from the earth?" is another question that I tend to ask.
The question no doubt is ridiculous, but it somehow often comes to my mind.
And the answers differ - depending on the place; time; situation....

I was at a spot on Ashoka Road  in Lutyens' Delhi - a place clearly taking me away from the reality to create another reality for me.

After a day long deliberations inside one of those buildings, I come out  in the evening and look around.

First what impresses me is the clear sky, cool breeze and the dancing trees.
Then I see some huge structures.
First is this - occupying the horizon.

Then I turn around and have another one blocking my view.

I feel a bit nervous with its size and just want to see what is at my left side.

It is not the height  that takes me away from earth - it is the attitude that separates me from others in a good way and in a bad way - both.

If I am aware of it, I can still keep the roots intact. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

33, Narmada

My association with Narmada is more emotional than real.
I have been at the banks of this lovely river occasionally and have blissful memories.
So, the other day, when I watched her from distance flowing alone, a little deserted; I could not control the pain and sorrow in my heart.  The sorrow was not only  personal,  but of so many lives that were associated with her.

I am not sure whether Narmada feels the pain. In a way I think she has taken this change as her destiny.
Because after few moments I was blissful again - as I am always with her.

A visit to Sardar Sarovar  was again a mixed feeling.
The history of human civilization is a history of its changing relations with Nature.
Good, bad, or ugly .. whatever we say, it is inevitable.

I realized that Narmada is the same old one, only her outer form has changed, the spirit remains the same.

I know, it is the way we make ourselves accept the reality.

And the state administration has tried to keep the roots intact in some way.

For me, this statue does not at all capture what Narmada means, what she stands for, what she teaches me.
But to different people, Narmada means different things.
So, I accept these emotions and expressions like I accept everything else in life. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

32. Surprise Meeting

I had been to Lucknow.
When I returned, people asked me, "What did you do in Lucknow?"
Well, I had been there for some official work, so I did that work.
They laughed at me.

"What did you see there?" they modified the question.
Of course I saw a lot. I explored an uncrowded road early in the morning - a purposeless walk.
I met some; and that was indeed a surprise meeting.

To begin with, after a long time I enjoyed the rising Sun.

It was so beautiful that I do not have words to express it. How it happens everyday and how it is new everyday!

And then I met Dayal (Magpie Robin) which went on singing without paying any attention to me.

Of course, he was not singing for me .. but that does not mean I undervalue his natural gifts.

And there was another one to surprise me. Grey Hornbill. Initially, I was not sure of the identity of the bird, so had to confirm with my friend Mrunal.

Overall, I suppose I like surprise meetings more than the planned ones.