Tuesday, 15 May 2012

33, Narmada

My association with Narmada is more emotional than real.
I have been at the banks of this lovely river occasionally and have blissful memories.
So, the other day, when I watched her from distance flowing alone, a little deserted; I could not control the pain and sorrow in my heart.  The sorrow was not only  personal,  but of so many lives that were associated with her.

I am not sure whether Narmada feels the pain. In a way I think she has taken this change as her destiny.
Because after few moments I was blissful again - as I am always with her.

A visit to Sardar Sarovar  was again a mixed feeling.
The history of human civilization is a history of its changing relations with Nature.
Good, bad, or ugly .. whatever we say, it is inevitable.

I realized that Narmada is the same old one, only her outer form has changed, the spirit remains the same.

I know, it is the way we make ourselves accept the reality.

And the state administration has tried to keep the roots intact in some way.

For me, this statue does not at all capture what Narmada means, what she stands for, what she teaches me.
But to different people, Narmada means different things.
So, I accept these emotions and expressions like I accept everything else in life. 


  1. Very very emotional post. Pictures are blissful. I am closer to Narmada. I am based at Bhopal and would have loved to meet you.

  2. a very emotional and thoughtful post....dam project issues are never black or white..they are always grey.....

    being an environmentalist and working in private sector...i have seen both sides of the coin.....


  3. Thanks PNS Sir. Yes, it is time we meet. Next time I plan to come to
    Bhopal, I would certainly inform you. It would be pleasure to meet you.

  4. Shooting Star, yes, you are right. When we see both the sides of coin, we are double blessed with the joy as well as the pain .. but that is life!! Thanks for coming and sharing your thought.

  5. Thanks Deepakbhai. Have you visited this area? You should .. and you will capture the beauty in a far better way than I have been able to do.


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