Wednesday, 19 March 2014

70. Food 4: Kharwas

I don't know what Kharwas is in English. I do not know whether it is consumed beyond the world that I know of. What I know is: I like it and it is rarely available. 

So the other day when my friend offered it to me, I was glad to have it served couple of times. 

It is made of Colostrum milk, (normal) milk and Jaggery

This is Colostrum Milk.

After mixing normal milk (now, don't ask me the details of measurements etc.!) and adding Jaggery cook this in Pressure Cooker. It looks like this:

Tempting, isn't it? 
Cut it into pieces for ease of consumption.

And I had no hesitation in having it;

Actually I lost the count of plates :-) 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

69. Gangtok Market

After a rather hectic day, my colleague wanted to me visit the Market.
I am not much into shopping and I don't like to be surrounded by crowds. 
When I explained my views, my colleague , a local official said, "Oh! But it is Gangtok Market!"

According to me, all markets are alike. However, I did not want her to feel bad and hence went with her. 

When I realized  the vehicles had 'no entry' in the market,  I felt good. 
The first impression was amazing.

To be able to walk freely in the market (for that matter on any road) was an experience in itself. 

Suddenly it started raining. Up came the umbrellas.

You can see how clean and how specious is the word within the market. It is also safe for women. 
If you get tired of walking, you can sit on these benches - take rest, talk, listen to music, consume food, just relax - whatever you want. 

I wish there were many more such markets in the country!