Thursday, 29 March 2012

29. Media Madness

One of the salient features of 'India Against Corruption' movement is Media Coverage.  It seems that media is paying more attention to the cause of Anti- Corruption. 

At Jantar Mantar (Delhi), IAC conducted one day symbolic fast in which thousands joined.

The cameras looming over head were monstrous indeed. 

And just outside Jantar Mantar, the OB Vans and the spread of cables made things looks more mechanical than full of life.

Why is Media so much interested in this event? I don't know. I mean it is good, but there are thousands of people doing good work in the country and Media never takes notice of them.

Why now? 


  1. Despite such c overages, we are where we were.

  2. I would say: in spite of such coverage, I find that the movement is moving!!


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