Sunday, 27 November 2011

12. I Wish ...

They seem to be very creative.

They manage to achieve their goals even when the situation is not conducive, even when the resources are scarce.

They seem to have some rare skills.

They seem to have strong will power.

They seem to have a mind which can see things differently.

They seem to have attitude for change.

Their number seems to be amazingly large. The fraternity seems to have a ‘code of conduct’ – if that can be called a code! But they seem to follow the same rules.

I meet them everywhere.

The more famous the spot, the more dominant presence they have.

I met them in September at the site map of Golkonda fort.

In the same month I met them in the passage that takes tourists from jetty to Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari.

Earlier, in the month of May, I had seen that even a 200 year veteran tree was not spared in Lalbag at Bangalore.

I wish:  they use all their skills, dreams, goals, paths, attitudes for making things better. 


  1. it is their wish to be etched in time! sad...

  2. Very sad. They are mushrooming. Even in the trains toilets!
    Camp: Kochi

  3. Deepakbhai, presently their wish seems to be predominant!

  4. Subramanian Sir, yes, that is one of their favorite places!!


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