Tuesday, 15 November 2011

9. Security Check

I know during security check at the airport, we are asked to throw away water bottles.
However, I badly needed water today. Once the flight is delayed, you never know how late it would be.
So, I pulled out the bottle, put it in the tray to pass through the X ray machine - or whatever that machine is.

One security officer objected to water bottle. I explained. Other security officer seemed to be convinced by my argument. However, they made me drink the water in front of them so that only the 'permissible' volume of water was inside the bottle.

I respect security officials and their sense of duty. I generally follow the rules, never argue with them.

For safety and security reasons, I won't name the city ... if you have visited, you will know!

Only few hours earlier the same morning, I had captured the airstrip from a coffee shop.

This still seems to be okay.
Have a look at the second snap.

I don't have to elaborate.
Isn't it scary?
Do those who must know this, know?
If yes, what actions are they taking?
Along with throwing water bottles - don't we need broader 'security check?'


  1. And then we blame intelligence failure!

  2. It is so close bad bad

  3. Bad indeed. Will we wake up before the worst happens?

  4. what seems to be the problem here??? Maybe I haven't understood but what is the concern? These look like transport planes not airline carriers and this looks like defence land.

  5. Raindrop, this is not defence land .. if anyone like me with a simple camera can capture military movements, imagine what others with better instruments and worst intentions can do!


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