Sunday, 27 April 2014

72. Circuit House:2. Agartala


Gone are the days of those stinky, old, ghost-like circuit houses. Modern construction is replacing the old ones....

Here are images of Tripura State Guest House at Agartala. This is more like a palace.

A closer look. The treee is so beautiful .

It gives a kind of serence feeling. The lawn makes eyes calm.

If government decided to maintain, it can maintain its building very well.


  1. Nice pictures...
    The old world however had its own charm. After all, every guest house these days is so similar with a mandatory AC, double bed, TV, Phone, attached toilet, room service etc etc.... Gone are the days when every room had large balconies where people could sit and watch things outside :)

  2. lovely photos

    - nutan

  3. Your article is very helpful thank you very much for sharing .


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