Monday, 10 February 2014

66. Photographers: in Action

It is hard to catch photographers in action. Generally they are the ones who are actively capturing action. 

I was arranging photo folders today and smiled at these photographs. 

Of course, these are not Professional Photographs. 
They are Civil Society members, participating in a session on "Capacity Building in Photography" - meaning "How better to take photographs!"

After the resource person gave an instruction, everybody tried to do something.

The intensity for learning was visible. 

This was in Delhi. Sometime in May 2012.

I too participated in that session. 
I don't know how much the learning reflects in my photographs! 

Yes, and I have captured some action of Professional Photographers as well, maybe some other time! 


  1. Digital cameras help in self-learning by trial and errors - the more pictures you take, slowly you start getting more good ones! :)


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