Friday, 7 October 2011

3. Moving Sand

Prior to this visit I had traveled from Patna to Chapara number of times.
It was during September 2010, I observed something different.
I had always watched Ganga water flowing and was surprised to see the sudden appearance of the huge amount of sand there. It was as if I did not know the road.

As we moved on, I saw it more closely. There were few small boats and they all seemed to be engaged in some kind of urgent work.

I was still clueless about what was happening. I thought maybe, people are using boats as a means of transport. We kept on moving and through the car window I could capture some more images.

After few more snaps, I realized what it was all about. I am a 'late' learner, by the way.

This is not a Natural Sand Movement.
It is actually Sand Mining.
Whether legal or illegal - I do not know.
What price people pay for such activities, we all can imagine.
But who cares? 


  1. Unfortunately .. we will have to witness that if we don't act wisely!

  2. "the photos are superb! the story of course is interesting !!"


  3. darn! i wonder how it is going to impact the near by places...

  4. Very badly .. that much we all can guess. But what are the options? I am not sure..

  5. Photographs are wonderful but the story they tell is alarming.

  6. It is so sad to see men destroying the mother nature.They are not even concerned about the future generation.Well captured

    village girl

  7. roopz, future generations will have to pay the price for such acts of ours!


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