Saturday, 1 October 2011

2. Mathur Aqueduct

Because of my association with Kanyakumari, I feel I know a lot about its surrounding. However it is not the case.

Yesterday I was in Marthandam in Tamilnadu. In between two meetings, we had some free time. I was taken to a spot whose name I was told as Thottipallayam.

We walk  across the bridge  and the view  is stunning.

The place actually is called Mathur Aqueduct. You read it right – it is Mathur. Initially I thought it must be the name of Chief Engineer who constructed the Dam . No, nothing like that. Mathur is the name of a hamlet.

As always, we all think that it must have been constructed by British! However, it is constructed in 1966 by Indians . You walk across the bridge and get surprised to observe a canal running parallel to it. That is amazing. The river downstairs is Pahrali . The canal is named as Pattanamkal – which carries water from one hill to another – above the flowing river.

It is now a tourist spot – entry fee for human beings is Rs. 2/- and if you carry camera you have to pay Rs. 5/- extra. Who is more valuable – camera or human beings – that is what I was wondering about!

 On the way, traders try to lure tourists – it is like a small mall. You name it and you have it.

Well, don’t  get scared. It is only Honey. Marthandam is famous for Honey production.

And women continue to carry the burden.


  1. very interesting! Nice photographs!!!

  2. this is lovely!

    regarding the camera, at ranakpur temple they charge 75/- for camera, humans free :)

  3. Ah! Deepakbhai, that answers my question! Cameras are more valuable!!

  4. That area is really beautiful. Your photographs bring up even minor details.

  5. Credit goes to my camera: Kodak EasyShare M 853.


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