Thursday, 20 October 2011

5. The Angle

I was downloading photographs from my camera and suddenly came across this photo.

For a moment I wondered what it was about. Then I recalled.

On my way to Mumbai, I was watching (and enjoying) Sunset - from Aircraft window. It has its special beauty even when watched from 11000 meters. This photo - rather like an abstract painting - is a photograph of the setting Sun. The windowpane must have some spots/stains on it..  .. which changed the actual scenario - which was something like this.

The same Me, the same Camera, the same Window, the same Aircraft, the same Sun, the same Evening, the same Sky ... still two different pictures within a gap of few minutes.

What makes the change?

The bias that one carries? (in this case the stains on the glass!!)
Or the scene really changes?
Or just the Angle? 


  1. This happens some times. It could be just the angle. I have also experienced this but never taxed my head.

  2. Some things which always happen, strike you sometimes .. I guess this was such a moment for me!

  3. I am amazed with the first one....high shutter speed?

  4. Don't know .. the aircraft was moving with speed .. that much I can definitely say. I use Kodak Easy Share M 853.

  5. Must be a slight shake while clicking?

  6. Possible .. you know photography better than me!


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