Monday, 4 June 2012

35. Limits

The poverty estimates in the country are alarming.
Everybody agrees that there are more poor people than are officially acknowledged.

But there are people, and the number is large, who can spend much more than could be imagined by poor.
For example, look at the money people spend for breakfast.

And then what poor spend in purchasing, someone spends that amount for just washing and ironing the clothes.

Is this luxury necessary?
I know luxury has no limits.
The poverty too does not have limits. 


  1. Well until and unless you wear the shoes you don't know what one goes through.
    When people have money they like to splurge it.
    And poverty is a problem going on from ages,abstaining from luxury..really is it the way out?

  2. It is as if there are different worlds in this world and some of us can cross and see different worlds, but many of us can't.

  3. Alcinia, abstaining from luxury may not be the right way .. but being insensitive to poverty is also not the right way..

  4. Sunilbhai, you have said it exactly the way I say : different worlds in the same world and we lucky people to have access to many of those!

  5. Well written with striking images, its a wonder how most people can afford to exist these days!!

  6. Ash, yes, it really hard for some people .. we should at least be aware of them!

  7. We do spend a bit too much when it isn't required, while the poor can afford nothing. It's sad..

  8. Phil, yes, when we see both these worlds, we feel sad about it!!


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