Friday, 23 August 2013

57. Two Years Ago

Dreams. Hopes.
Enthusiasm. Eagerness.


It was just two years ago.
We have lost the opportunity to bring in change.
Once again!!
Because we did not act in the right manner?
History will have a story to tell....


  1. Was there a chance really? At least in the way it was being tried? I doubt that. :)

    1. I agree with your doubt. That was most unfortunate .. but that was and is the reality!!

  2. I think that it also demonstrates the lack of proper understanding among those who had started the campaign. To reach to a change, especially the change of an established political system, it can't come just by popular support. You need a roadmap, strategies, action plans that think in medium and long terms. Anna Hazare is still talking about corruption, but he says that we need a parliament without parties, that the party system of politics is unconstitutional. But I think that the decision of a new way of democracy has to be taken through existing structures and I am not clear on how he intends to reach that goal ... definitely, the change will not come from public meetings only!

    Personally the idea of a group of human beings with their pains, self-interests, strengths and weaknesses, elected individually without any party system, to make the government and to make laws without corruption - I feel it is just an empty dream, not based in reality.


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