Sunday, 22 September 2013

59. Crab Catching

First I saw their colony.

At glance I could count at least 50.
As the day progressed; they too progressed towards the human residence.
However, only us – the outsiders – were either amused or scared or interested.

First it was Neelesh – a 12th class student – who caught the crab and threw it.

Second time when another crab appeared (or was it the same?), Yogesh – 10th class student was around.

Have a closer look.

No, it is not only the expertise of boys. They remember one of their taai (sister, actually one of the elder girls) , who used to catch many crabs and cook for the entire group. Lately she has not been around.
“Ah! That is the reason their number is increasing,” I commented.
“Oh! No! They are not enough to make our one meal,” a spontaneous reply from another 10 year boy.

“Hmm… since these boys are educated by people like us; by next generation this art and skill will completely wither   ….” I was sharing with my colleague.

  “Don’t worry. Will teach our children how to catch crabs”, Yogesh assured me.


  1. Eating crabs is so messy and I don't like their taste! But the pictures are nice :)

  2. Being a vegetarian I dont know much about eating crabs but have seen that some use hammers to break open the shells !


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