Monday, 27 May 2013

53. Kamakhya Temple

It was after almost twenty years, I was visiting Guwahati. 
I had visited Kamakhya temple then, but hardly remembered anything about it.

So, one evening, when couple of colleagues asked me to join, I happily went with them.
The entrance was like any other temple.

However, the first view of the temple was beautiful.

And as I watched it more closely, it was amazing.

Only the site of animal sacrifice was heart-breaking.

Why this in the name of religion? After all, the Goddess does not eat anything, we human beings only consume the food!! 


  1. A nice post. Animal sacrifice seems to have been inherited from tribal traditions. It's gruesome.

    1. Animal sacrifice is just an outer expression of our food habits. So, it will stay in some form or the other, I guess.

  2. this cruelty towards animals should be banned properly, afterall She is the mother of all organisms,a mother can't be pleased by sacrificing her own children in front of her on the name of religion. Please don't spoil the beauty of hindu religion...
    We should protest for it.................


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