Wednesday, 19 June 2013

54. Art and Use!

Some people can combine Art and Work.
Of course, the perception of Art differs from person to person.
For example, for this man in a small town in the State of Bihar, this may not be labeled as art, but just hard work.

Can Art be perceived when one has to work hard?
Or Art is felt only when in luxury?
What is Art for one, is Work for other.

But whether Art or not, the 'work' of this potter has been used by many. 


  1. So very true. I really wonder if this man realizes how artistic he is. A simple task like painting the walls of our house is an art. We need someone to do it, yet we call it cheap labor dont we? Hmm!

    1. When an artist does the same thing, it is called Ceramic Art...

    2. jaish_vats, maybe he knows :-)

  2. Civilized society invented words… Art was then divided in art, craft, high art, low art, commercial art etc.
    Pottery became craft and ceramic art. We at our village home used clay pottery for cooking, like millions of people.
    When I learnt architecture, I realized these poets are most ENERGY EFFICIENT, use MINIMUM MATERIALS i.e. RESOURCES.
    Compare these with any other art forms: poetry, story, painting, woodwork... or Bollywood movies!!!

  3. Savitadi,
    What is work? I spent nearly 20 years to investigate this issue. On May 4, 2009, I published my 3rd article in the series, Lowest Common Multiple -3: WORK on my blog. Please check if interested, and leave your footprint. Work, besides Leisure, Health, Learning and Propagation are autonomous, intrinsic function of all the living beings, not only humans, bestowed by Mother Nature. You need not agree with my views…
    See LINK
    #Correction - In the 2nd line in my comment PLEASE READ 'pots' instead of 'poets'.

    1. Remijee, will read your article. Sorry for delay in responding.

  4. I do not intend to disagree with you!

  5. I agree that the "art" of common artisans is devalued but you also seem to say that "artists" do not do hard work.

    I feel that there are some artists who become famous and earn a lot and you may feel that they do not need to do hard work, but so many artists struggle to make ends meet and for them also art is hard work. :)

  6. Now, manual WORK is classified as labour, donkey-work, coolie-work, by the elite intellectuals. Frills & ornamentation increase the price of useless coffee table items, as much as Item songs in Idiot Box, in the name of High Art, when none could define Art.

    Replicas of Tajmahal fetch better price than clay pottery, mass-produced branded crockery produced in Automation Industry and frivolous flattery by critics attract valuation. Art is now a market commodity to decide Success (Failure).

    Work by hands has element of Contemplation, which keeps Sanity in the Chaos of our World, is now forgotten in the Computer / Machine Age!

    Earthen pot, which found its way on the top of thatched huts and temples (as shikhara) alike, is now forgotten!

    This is called Progress and Development!!!


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